is a community-driven collectibles NFT project in Solana Blockchain granting exclusive access to a HODL-To-Earn DAO.


Phase 1 : Generating 5,000 NFTs

Phase 2 : Apply for Magic Eden Launchpad (or list in Magic Eden once sold out)

Phase 3 : Launching of SolFurries DAO owned by the holders, accumulating royalties from secondary sales which are then used to purchase Blue Chip NFTs (i.e. Solana Monkey Business, Boryoku Dragonz, Taiyo Robotics, etc.) in the fractionalized vault

Phase 4 : Collaborate to Promoters/Influencers to help market the Project

Phase 5 : Hire additional Team Members to grow the Project further (i.e. Community Mods, Web Dev, Blockchain Dev, etc.)

Phase 6 : Planning for NFT staking which the holders will earn Token to generate Gen 2.0 of SolFurries